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PRESS RELEASE: Alpharetta, GA, 28-AUGUST-2012 – HisGrip Home Care, Alpharetta GA home care service provider for seniors, is pleased to announce that non-medical services to clients are now available in metropolitan Atlanta. Seniors in the community often have difficulties in adjusting to changed circumstances. The professionals on the licensed firm offer independence and security in-home.

Services provided by HisGrip include companionship, adult sitter, and personal home care. These services are offered to seniors in various venues. These include independent living communities, retirement centers and assisted living facilities. The philosophy behind the services is to provide choices which allow seniors to live as independently as possible for as long as possible.

A team of professional level workers and counselors assist in the decision making process for seniors and their loved ones. The needs assessment is a completely customized process, so that needs for a client are matched to available services. In this way, the services are the most needed and most affordable at each level of care.

Those individuals who are involved in planning and implementation of services include health care, light housekeeping, cooking, personal hygiene and other duties. In addition, more comprehensive care can include intermittent to 24-hour assistance in home. Clients may need reminders to take medication, to visit health professionals or may need help to run errands and pay bills.

If needed, coordination of care is provided with family members and friends so that a network of providers is ensured. In home services are focused on changing as few of the familiar elements that make life enjoyable as possible.

Learn more about the in-home care services offered by the Alpharetta GA Home Care team at HisGrip Home Care at http://www.HisGripHomeCare.com today. Individuals and members of the press who have need of further details about the contents of this press release will find contact information below.

Company Name: HisGrip Home Care

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Contact Telephone Number: (470) 395-1180

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Email: info@HisGripHomeCare.com

Website: http://www.HisGripHomeCare.com

Summary: The professional team at HisGrip Home Care, Alpharetta GA home care service provider, offers effective assessment and provision of services to improve quality of life for senior citizens. The goal of the team is to help seniors remain independent while ensuring safety, social contact and health.


September is World Alzheimer’s Month

September is World Alzheimer month

Alzheimers Support Group


Selecting A Home Health Care Provider When You Have A Cardiac Condition

Recovering In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Home health care is a wonderful alternative for a number of seniors. Many elderly people would prefer to age in place than live out their later years in a nursing home. However, finding competent home care providers when you have a cardiac condition can be more difficult and complicated. If you have heart problems and are hiring a home health care provider through an agency, read on to learn what you should ask to select the best person for the job.

What credentials does the agency require for their staff?

If you are having someone come into your home, you expect they will have been screened for their trustworthiness, as even college kids can clean and prepare basic meals. But what kinds of specific skills or certifications do they have for dealing with cardiac patients? Some examples include:

  • schooling in how to take basic vital signs, especially pulse and respiration
  • knowledge of signs and symptoms of cardiac problems and when to call a doctor or ambulance
  • ability to read a Lead II rhythm strip or a 12-lead EKG
  • knowledge of how pacemakers work and how to transmit rhythm strips to a pacemaker lab
  • familiarity with home heart monitors, such as Holter or event monitors
  • knowledge of cardiac medications, such as anti-arrhythmics, anti-coagulants, and beta blockers
  • certification in IV infusion therapy or injectable medications
  • advanced CPR certification and preferably, experience managing cardiac emergencies, such as myocardial infarctions or “code blues”
  • ability to provide wound care, such as post-sternotomy care after bypass or valve replacement surgery
  • knowledge of common comorbidities, like diabetes and peripheral vascular disease, and their medications

You don’t necessarily need someone with a nursing degree, which can carry a higher price tag and run up your insurance costs more quickly. Emergency medical technicians, paramedics, electrocardiogram technicians, cardiac ultrasound technicians, and cardiac catheterization technicians are all trained in most or all of these requirements, and many look for in-home jobs.

What about back-up personnel?

Once you find someone with the credentials you desire, you will also need to find a back-up person with similar skills. Don’t forget that your regular care provider will need routine days off, sick days, and holidays. Ideally, you want the same person to fill in whenever your regular care provider is off, so be sure to ask the agency about their policy about this.

Can you add more services (or reduce them) as need demands?

Since home health care is often used in place of assisted living, can it function much the same way by adjusting to the needs of the client? If you are recovering from heart surgery at the time the provider is engaged, you may need less care a few months later. However, if you need a carotid endarterectomy or arterial graft in the future, you will certainly need more care.

Home care may be the wave of the future and replace many other types of living for seniors. If you do your homework before hiring a provider through an agency, you’ll be able to capitalize on this trend in the best way possible.


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge 2015



When Mom Needs Help: Setting Up Home Care Services to Help You Meet Her Needs

When you are a mom, with a mom who needs extra help, you may start to feel overwhelmed. With childcare responsibilities, a job, and needing to help your mom out, you may feel stuck in the middle without anywhere to turn. While you want to give your mom what she needs, it’s important to know that you can’t do it all. With the help of home care, you can set mom up with some additional services so that the time you spend together isn’t all about providing her care.

Grocery Shopping and Meal Planning Support

If your mom is still able to cook, but she is having trouble grocery shopping and meal planning, a personal aide can help her do these things. While it varies by agency, some home care agencies provide this service. Check with your local home care agencies to see if they have staff that will take your mom grocery shopping and help her plan out her meals for the week. This will allow your mom to have some independence, while still having the help she needs to plan for and prepare her own meals.

Rehabilitative Nursing Care

When your mom has sustained a recent injury and she needs rehabilitative care at home, a visiting nurse will be able to come to the home each day as part of your mom’s routine. Health insurance companies will pay for a visiting nurse to attend to your mom, as long as the care is rehabilitative and not custodial. Medicaid will provide custodial care hours, but your mom may or may not be on Medicaid, depending on her financial affairs.

Assistance with Daily Living Needs

Your mom may need help bathing, or getting dressed in the morning. She may not be able to tell you that she needs this assistance. Talk with your mom gently about the things she is having trouble with. Having an open and honest discussion with your mom is the only way to find out what she truly needs help with. Contact a home care agency and have them come out to meet with your mom. They can assess her ability to care for herself, and they can make recommendations based on this assessment. Even a few home care hours a week can make a huge difference in your mom’s ability to remain independent from you.

If you believe your mom is struggling with caring for her daily needs, it’s time to consider home health care. Contact an agency in your area to see what services are available for your mom today.


Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of American Disabilities Act



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Happy 1 Year Anniversary Ann Michotek

Breast Cancer Awareness

Happy 1 year anniversary to our hardworking, dedicated and energetic Director of Sales and Marketing – Ann Michotek.

Your contribution to the growth and success of our company is truly appreciated. Thank you for all you do for our clients and most of all, for being a fun person to be around.

Happy Anniversary!


ALS Support Bulletin April 2015

ALS Support Bulletin April 2015


ALS Support Group Presentation

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