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PRESS RELEASE: Alpharetta, GA, 03-OCT-2012 – HisGrip Home Care, Alpharetta GA home care provider, is pleased to announce personal care services for residents of the Alpharetta, Georgia area. Senior citizens often are in limited financial circumstances. By accessing in-home services, the costs are often less than in an institutional setting. Seniors have the secondary benefit of remaining where they are accustomed to the surroundings.

The provision of services is dependent upon a comprehensive assessment process, conducted by counselors and social services personnel. The specific needs for a particular client are identified through interviews and home reviews with the senior and with interested family members. The overall goal is to maintain the client in the surroundings that are most familiar, without giving up any security or safety requirements.

In metro Atlanta, a wide range of services are available in-home. For example, reminders to take needed medication, transportation to a medical or dental office, running errands or personal care may be included. Sometimes, an existing caregiver needs a respite just to get away from the 24-hour responsibility of elder care.

Adults who are currently residing in single family homes are eligible, as are those who live in assisted living facilities and retirement centers. Independent communities are also covered by the in-home service providers.

The care regimen doesn’t overlap health care needs, Instead the services provided fill in the gaps in service that will allow the senior to remain as independent as possible. Services such as hygiene, transportation, financial counseling and housekeeping might be included as needed. Not only the need is addressed, but the most budget conscious plans are developed.

More information about specific services and who is eligible can be seen at at http://www.HisGripHomeCare.com today. Individuals and members of the press who have questions about the contents of this press release are encouraged to contact the company at the addresses below.

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Summary: The professional team at HisGrip Home Care, Alpharetta GA home care service provider, offers senior in-home services that foster independence and health without moving to a new location. The needs and budget are both addressed.


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