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Alpharetta GA Home Care, HisGrip Home Care Offers Quality In-Home Services On Demand

PRESS RELEASE: Alpharetta, GA, 21-JUL-2012 – HisGrip Home Care offers a wide range of in-home services to individuals who may find they need assistance quickly. The team tailors the services they provide to meet the unique and individualized needs of clients that enable them to live more independently and enjoy a more active life. When the Alpharetta GA home care team gives clients the privacy of receiving care in familiar surroundings that often relieves the stress of adjusting to a place that may not offer the convenience and schedules they have developed over the years.

The staff at HisGrip Home Care are knowledgeable, trained, and skilled professionals who are committed to providing clients with the highest levels of customer service. The staff are certified and receive ongoing education and training on ways to help their clients. Their Registered Nurse supervises the staff and monitors the client’s care plan and progress. Clients receive hands-on assistance with their daily activities from a Certified Nursing Assistant to helps with personal hygiene, showering and other needs.

When a companion or sitter is needed to help with cleaning, medication reminders, light housekeeping, errands or other help, they are able to provide the flexibility needed to make sure that both the client and family members feel confident that they can depend on the staff member. Caregivers are hand-picked to match the needs and personality of clients. Many clients have reported that these professionals are not only caregivers but also trusted companions that they know are there for them and understand their individual needs.

Services provided by the team are designed to help clients live as independently as possible and relieves family members of the stress and worry that is often experienced by people who are trying to juggle their busy and hectic schedule with a home-bound loved one. The personal care services provided ensure that clients feel and look their best and help to enhance the individual’s mental and physical well-being.

When mobility is an issue, caregivers have been trained to assist clients and help them stay as active as possible. During the initial consultation with the Registered Nurse, clients may need live-in or 24-hour care. HisGrip Home Care can tailor these needs to provide care for a few hours each week or full-time care. When 24-hour care is needed, the staff provide a team of caregivers who coordinate responsibilities in shifts so that there is always an alert caregiver available to provide assistance when needed.

To get more information about the services offered by the Alpharetta GA Home Care team, HisGrip Home Care, visit http://www.HisGripHomeCare.com today. Individuals and members of the press wishing to get more details about this press release will find contact information below.

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Summary: The team at HisGrip Home Care offers home care services that give their clients the quality services they need to stay independent and enjoy an active lifestyle. The team works closely with clients and family members to ensure that clients are confident and have the attention and stimulation they need to stay active and alert.


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