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Alpharetta GA Home Care, HisGrip Home Care Provides Respite Care To Meet Your Family Needs

PRESS RELEASE: Alpharetta, GA, 24-DEC-2012 – HisGrip Home Care, Alpharetta GA home care service provider for seniors is pleased to announce that respite care is available for family members who are living at home or in an assisted living facility. For those families who are caring for an elderly relative in home, it can be difficult to find time when the caregiver can run errands or just be free of responsibilities for a time.

There are only a few options available to caregivers. There may be a network of other family members or friends who will be willing to step in occasionally for a respite appointment. While others may be willing, they may not have the knowledge to perform more complicated procedures that are a part of providing care. One example is transferring a person from a chair to the toilet.

An untrained person can cause injury in an elderly person, even with the best of intentions. A person who is not familiar with the techniques of transfer or care can be injured as well.

A much better alternative is to seek a trained and experienced professional caregiver to provide respite services. The pro can be called on an as-needed basis. The price is reasonable, often with a sliding price scale, based on ability to pay. It is important to understand that the quality of care should not be compromised.

Respite care may be the only type of service provided by the Alpharetta GA home care provider. Alternatively, respite care may be part of a menu of services aimed at keeping the elderly person in familiar and comfortable surroundings. This is particularly important for a person suffering from Alzheimers or similar dementia conditions.

Learn more about how seniors can access professional respite services and utilize them as part of a program for retaining independence for as long as possible by visiting the web pages at http://www.HisGripHomeCare.com today. Individuals and members of the press who have further questions about this specific press release should contact the company at the location provided below..

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Summary: The team at HisGrip Home Care, Alpharetta GA home care service provider, offers trained and experienced respite care for elderly people who prefer to remain in their own homes. Familiar surroundings and independent living is a benefit for most individuals. Finding top quality caregivers on an occasional basis is made simpler by using the agency.


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