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4 Winter Safety Tips for Your Elderly Loved Ones

With the winter months at hand, now is the time to ensure that our elderly loved ones are safe and protected from any harsh weather conditions. During this time of year, there are some important safety precautions to make to make certain that our loved ones stay healthy this winter:
Place Rubber Mats at Every Door
When the weather gets damp and snowy, the risk of falling can greatly increase for older citizens. Placing some heavy-duty mats near all the doors can help keep the areas that are prone to excess moisture dry. You can find these mats in any hardware or home supply store.
Ensure the Heating System is Fully Operational
Before the weather even turns cool, it is imperative to make sure that the heating system is working. The elderly often get colder more quickly than those of a younger age since their circulatory systems are sometimes not as strong as they once were. Check the heating unit for dust and make sure it is adequately connected to its power source. If they are using a non-electrical heat source, make sure they have enough fuel to adequately heat their home.
Keep Ice Removal Tools on Hand
If your loved one lives where ice forms outside on a regular basis, you should make sure they have some ice removal tools handy. This includes salt to melt ice on the sidewalk. This also includes any tools that are needed to remove ice from the windshield of the car if they are still driving. Keep in mind that you or a hired home care professional should assist with these preparations, since it can be easy for your loved one to slip and fall.
Make Sure there is Adequate Lighting In and Out of the Home
Check any of the outdoor lighting fixtures to make sure they are operable. Winter time brings with it darker days, so it is important that there is enough lights to see the path or walkway into the house. The same goes for indoor lighting. Since the days get darker, the inside lighting is often on more often than during other times of year. Check that lamps are available and that all bulbs are in working order. Also be sure that there are plenty of extra light bulbs on hand in case one burns out.
Preparing the home for your older loved ones is so important for their safety. In addition to taking these safety steps, also be sure to always be in communication with your loved one, especially when conditions are especially harsh.


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