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Are You Overwhelmed Caring For A Loved One With Alzheimer’s?

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, there are over 5 million patients living with a form of Alzheimer’s. In 2012 alone, the Alzheimer’s Association stated there were over 15 million caregivers for relatives with the disease. Although caring for a loved one with dementia is rewarding, it can also be overwhelming for most people. If you are caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s, there is help available.

Seek Financial Support

You have most likely developed a financial strain due to your new role of caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s. Many elderly patients do not have the proper health insurance they need to cover medical expenses so the financial responsibility has fallen on the caregiver.

Fortunately, there are many programs available that will help the patient and caregiver with the cost of medical aids, doctor’s appointments, and medications. If you are struggling financially, you should contact a local organization to help with your needs. Many churches, local government programs, and charities will offer financial assistance to low income families.

Open Up to Others for Emotional Support

Of course, the emotional stress of caring for a loved one with any type of Alzheimer’s can be severe. If you’re suffering with depression or high anxiety, it may be time for support. Most caregivers will have friends and other family members who are constantly offering their help. Unfortunately, many people do not accept help because their pride causes them to want to handle things alone. If you’re offered help, take advantage of it with the utmost appreciation.

Simple forms of help such as cooking a meal or running some errands may not seem beneficial but will offer tremendous assistance to a caregiver. Also, many doctors who work with Alzheimer’s patients may suggest a support group for caregivers in your area. This is a great way to share tips and secrets with others who are caring for a loved one.

Get Professional Help for Physical Needs

Although most people are happy to care for a sick or elderly relative, most are forced into their role of caregiver. They may lack the skills or experience necessary for caring for sick and elderly patients. If you are like these millions of people who do not have any medical training, hiring professional home care may be the best option.

Home care services like HisGrip Home Care offer a licensed and trained staff of nurses who will aid the patient with bathing and basic needs in their own homes. Having this in-home care is an option many elderly patients prefer so they can hold on to their independence. However, professional help inside the home will also help your role as caregiver.

It’s Okay That It’s Hard

One of the most important things to note is that the role of a caregiver is not meant to be easy. You should feel overwhelmed and not be ashamed of that feeling. Choosing to care for a loved one with Alzheimer’s is a wonderful show of character that you should be proud of. However, utilizing help financially, physically, and emotionally can make your new role easier.


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